Working Papers

PrEP and Moral Hazard (with Scott Delhommer) [draft]

The Impact of PrEP on HIV (with David Beheshti and Johnny Huynh)

Extreme Weather and Migration in the United States [draft]

The Effect of Child Allowances on Labor Outcomes [draft]

Fiscal Impact of Unrestrictive Immigration: the Case of Israel [draft]

Funding For Performance? Competitive Public Funding And The Performance Of Basic Research (with Yaniv Reingewertz and Adi Shany)

Work in Progress

Life-Saving Medical Innovation and the Black-White Mortality Gap: Evidence from the introduction of HAART

HAART and STIs (with David Beheshti, Scott Cunningham, and Rebecca Thornton)

Discrimination Against Same-sex Couples in the Home Mortgage Market (with Yeonjoon Lee)

"Down-the-Line" Effects of Class Time on Student Outcomes: Evidence from a Large Public State University (with Farhat Chowdhury and Alina Kovalenko)